Ozkinis (pronounced "Aussie-kinis") is an independent line of high quality & sexy bikinis located in Brisbane, Queensland.

We are a premium designer brand with limited collection releases and very few-of-a-kind pieces. Each piece is carefully planned and created by our in-house Designer, Pattern Maker and Founder, Mandy Narayan. With over 15 years experience and vast knowledge in the fashion industry, she found a gap in the market and a huge demand for tiny bikinis. We found many brands that labelled and sold themselves as "minimal" bikinis or "micro" bikinis but they were never really were minimal and simply playing safe.

The time has come for something completely different. Our take on the perfect minimalist bikini. With our luxuriously soft fabrics hand picked and artwork designed by hand in house, you'll look and feel sexy while enjoying a luxury swim that is comfortable and flattering.

Ozkinis designs and styles capture California's coastal culture crossing into Brazil's exotic lifestyles, taking up the heat from Miami and landing right back here on Australian Beaches. Our designs are feminine & flirty micro cuts, ready to sizzle up your wardrobe. Our bikinis are made to make women feel romantic, desirable and confident.

Ozkinis has taken women’s bikinis to a new dimension. Body-accentuating cuts, excellent quality and alluring styling is central to making Ozkinis a brand with serious sex appeal. We are always evolving and produce new bikini collections throughout the year, setting new trends and styles.We are committed to creating quality micro bikinis & minimal bikinis using quality materials. All of our bikini tops, bottoms and skimpy bikinis are designed to be sexy and minimal in coverage. All designs are beach and pool tested right here in Australia.

What makes our bikinis even more special is their roots. Every piece is designed meticulously right here in Australia, influenced by our stunning coastal landscapes and free-spirited lifestyle. When you wear one of our bikinis, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing - you're wearing a piece of Australian creativity and craftsmanship.

And the best part? You won't have to wait long to get your hands on these stunning pieces. We offer super quick shipping so your new favourite bikini will be with you in no time.

Strut, shake and shimmer in out favorite pieces! Zap your minimal bikini collection to new heights and update your wardrobe today with the tiniest, ittiest, bittiest and the most sexiest swimsuits on the planet!

Get ready to make waves with our collection of minimal coverage bikinis. They're more than just a style statement - they're a celebration of your boldness, your vibrancy, and your spirit. Dive in, the water's perfect!

Along with our quality bikinis you will always receive excellent customer service.
…unless the surf is good, then it might take a few hours to return calls.