How do I take care of my bikini?

Tips and tricks on how to take care of your bikini from Ozkinis and keep it in shape for years to come : 

* After a swim, have a quick rinse with fresh water. 

* When washing, hand wash separately in cold water and mild soap. 

* Do not use hot water. Please wash in cold water only. 

* Lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight. You can also drip dry on the clothesline in a shaded area or indoors.

* Do not use bleach.

* Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron

* Do not leave dirty or with chlorine/ salt water and rolled up wet.

* Always rinse clean and dry before storing it away.

* Take care while using tanning or sunscreen products as these can stain or damage the fabric.

* Avoid rough/sharp surfaces where pulling on the fabric may occur as this may damage it. 

* Please refer to individual care labels on each product as we sometimes use trending fabrics that may need extra care.

Enjoy! And remember to wear it with a cheeky smile :)